Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Electro-Alchemical Maps of Northern California.

Adapted from an 1898 San Francisco and North Pacific Railway Company map, located in the awesome David Rumsey archive located here. My goal was to breathe some luminous life into these maps, to tap into some of the strange dark sparks emanating from these remote places, and from the ghosts of men and trees felled in 1898 that still linger...The 'map of desire' on the right spotlights some of my favorite necks of the woods. Although the main arteries on these maps (that actually look like blood vessels in the version on the left!) are railways and stagecoach and wagon roads, the travel times in each circle are for 2009-era automobiles on paved roads, venturing from San Francisco. To get sharper, super-vivid versions go here and here.