Sunday, February 28, 2010

You Can't Hide your Love Forever.

This modest typewriter-and-paste zine from 1989 was my guidebook to life at the time. Or at least music, which felt like my life. In 2010, I still devote many hours per week to music, but back then it felt like those romantic shards of grimy noisy beauty were always blaring at top volume in my head, in the foreground of every single thing I did. This Detroit zine was my partner in crime, my gateway drug, my surrogate cool older sibling. And they seemed just as excited about it all as I was. There was an unpretentious joy in the writings of the microscopic staff of "You Can't Hide your Love Forever" (Michael and Dave Segal and John Huston) that was infectious. I probably paid my $1.75 to feed my Sugarcubes and Beat Happening habits, but the My Bloody Valentine, World Domination Enterprises, House of Love, and A.R. Kane obsessions I acquired after reading this zine would soon overtake them. The excerpts here (zoom in to read) feature a list of the best singles and LPs of 1988, plus some fine record reviews.

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