Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Peggy "Gun Crazy" Cummins, The Prisoner, and 007.

My favorite film at the 11th annual Noir City festival in San Francisco last month was "Hell Drivers" (1957).  Daredevilry, crooked jobs, sharp exchanges, and ramshackle machines running amok! I was mightily entertained by the cast in this one, including a denim-clad Peggy Cummins, Patrick "I am not a number!" McGoohan as a menacing neanderthal, and an already-suave Sean Connery.

Peggy Cummins
Patrick McGoohan
Sean Connery and Wensley Pithey

Stanley Baker and Wilfred Lawson
Herbert Lom
Jill Ireland
behind the scenes at the Pull Inn

(Image sources: aveleyman, imcdb, Dennis Lowe, ferdyonfilms, dvdbeaver, shangols)